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Should the Los Angeles Angels trade Mike Trout?

The Los Angeles Angels are trying to hand an extension to Mike Trout, but reports are that it seems unlikely. With Trout being arguably the best player in the entire league, many feel hitting the reset button and trading him would be the best option if the Angels are unable to retain him long term. However, Trout has been vocal about how much he enjoys playing for the team, and two years is enough time to build a winning squad around him. What do you think? 


Trout is languishing on a team that isn’t competitive against the top teams in the league. For arguably the best player in MLB, that is a travesty.

He needs to be with a team willing to surround him with top talent. The roster the Angels has built around Trout has not panned out and keeping Trout will not solve all of their problems. If the team wants to get back on track, they need to trade Trout and build from the ground up with cheap, but talented players in the minors — or get young stars ready to explode. The Angels’ thinning farm system is not doing well and Albert Pujols’ huge contract is a financial albatross for the front office.

The worst thing the Angels can do is wait and see. They need to trade him now.

If the Angels can’t extend Trout, they need to trade him

Trout is a generational talent and the Angels would be fools to even consider trading him. Los Angeles has two years to improve its farm system and build a competent roster around him.

The team already proved it was willing to shell out money by nabbing Shohei Ohtani, who has proven to be a monster at the plate, and on the mound, in his rookie year. The Angels are only going to get better, and once Pujols’ contract expires in two years, the team will have even more payroll to invest in talent. Keeping Trout is the only option for Los Angeles.

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