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LA Angels make moves to bolster the team. Hopefully more on the horizon.

The LA Angels have not done much so far in the off-season, but what they have done has been positive.  There is still are more moves that could be in the works and that are most definitely needed.

The LA Angels so far this off-season have signed catcher Kevan Smith off waivers from the White Sox, traded for starting pitcher Dillon Peters as well as signing free agent first baseman Justin Bour to a one-year contract.  These are the typical type of moves that Angels general manager Billy Eppler has made over the first three years as the Angels GM.

These moves will help the Angels potentially improve for 2019.  Peters could be a 5th starter with some upside if his minor league numbers are any indication of what he can do (3.37 ERA with a 28-20 record).  Peters could also be used a middle reliever along with Austin Brice and Luis Garcia, who was acquired from the Phillies for Jose Alvarez. Brice and Garcia will both compete for bullpen spots and both have live arms.

These moves are not sexy like signing a guy such as Andrew Miller or Zach Britton.  However, they could produce some good dividends for the Angels and for a lot less price that will allow the Angels to pursue some big fish in free agency.

The Angels also signed Justin Bour for one year at 2.5 million dollars.  This is another low-budget move that could pay big dividends.  Bour is a left-handed power bat that the Angels have been craving over the last couple of seasons.  Bour also has a high on-base-percentage which will help with the Angels batting average and OBP woes.

Bour has a career .260 batting average with a .344 OBP.  Bour has 84 career homers and 277 RBIs in four-plus big league seasons.  Bour will be a perfect complement for Albert Pujols as a left-handed platoon and he can also play the outfield and DH.  This coupled with the signing of former Angel outfielder Peter Boujos will be an upgrade for the Angels bench from Luis Valbuena (RIP Luis), Chris Young, and Jefry Marte in 2018.

These moves will help the Angels, but there are definitely more things that are needed.  The Angels need a starting catcher and at least one infielder for second or third base as well as one to two starting pitchers and a possibly a closer as well as a left-handed specialist.  Although Dillon Peters could potentially fill that hole if the Angels sign more starting pitching.

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So the Angels and general manager Billy Eppler still have some work to do this off-season. My prediction is that there is at least one major move on the horizon for the Angels still this winter, but what it will be is anyne’s guess.


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