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Could the LA Angels Make a Blockbuster Deal with Arizona?

The last few times the LA Angels have made monster offseason moves, it has not ended well. Sure, Shohei Ohtani was a franchise-altering signing, but outside of him the Halos have not fared well in offseason moves. Could Billy Eppler change that this offseason?

While the LA Angels are searching for a new manager, the Arizona Diamondbacks are making different kinds of headlines. Reports surfaced saying the front office in Arizona is expected to have a fire sale once the offseason begins.

With names like Zack Greinke and even Paul Goldschmidt expected to be made available, the Angels could be very interested in what the Diamondbacks are offering. Both of those names could help the Halos tremendously, the only question is whether or not Billy Eppler will reach out.

Greinke is the most intriguing option in the desert. Considering the Angels’ need at starting pitcher, he could be the type of player to come into town and be the team’s number one starter next year. After a rough first year for the Diamondbacks, Greinke has rebounded nicely with two solid seasons with ERA’s of 3.20 and 3.21, respectively. While Greinke will turn 35 years old this weekend, he is going through a career resurgence and could still be a very valuable piece to a contender’s puzzle.

If the Diamondbacks will eat a large portion of Greinke’s contract, which will probably be a necessity should they deal him, then the Angels would be smart to reach out and offer a package of prospects for the former Cy Young. A top prospect would likely not be a necessity given his age and contract, which makes a deal even more enticing for the Halos.

Goldschmidt is the type of player that can lead an offense. However, he would be the third best hitter on the Angels behind Ohtani and Trout. A 2-3-4 of Trout, Ohtani, and Goldschmidt is something video games are for, not real life. However, a big road block to Goldschmidt playing for the Angels is the Albert Pujols conundrum. It would also be a one-year rental, as Goldschmidt is going to hit free agency in 2019.

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Overall, the Diamondbacks have two star players that could help the Angels enter the tier of contending teams in the American League. Both would come at discounted prices, but both have their hurdles in a potential deal. Nonetheless, Billy Eppler would be foolish not to at least reach out to the Diamondbacks this winter.

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