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Are there any more moves on the horizon for the LA Angels?

The LA Angels have made some moves to improve their team for 2019 in the past couple of weeks.  They have signed pitchers Trevor Cahill, Matt Harvey, and first baseman Justin Bour to one-year contracts.

These moves for the LA Angels may seem small in comparison to moves that some other teams have made this off-season.  The Washington Nationals especially have made some big moves such as signing Patrick Corbin to a six-year deal worth $140 million and they also signed Anibal Sanchez as well signing first base Matt Adams.

The Angels on the other have signed Matt Harvey and Trevor Cahill who both have an upside, but are not the sexy moves most fans are looking for.  Harvey has had some strong seasons early in his career and Cahill on the other hand is coming off a strong 2018 season.  Bour has shown good power over the six seasons he has played in the majors, but these moves are so-so in comparison and will help the Angels, but the question is to what extent.

So let’s explore what moves they could still do this off-season to improve the team for the 2019 season.

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